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Activism and the Political Science Endeavor​


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June 2018, Monday
Relative Mobilization Capacity, Elections, and Civil Liberties across Polity Analysis ​

Contestation has always had a central place in democratization studies. The Dahlian understanding in particular had contestation and inclusiveness as two central pillars in conceptualization of the term. With the rise of authoritarian countries holding elections, even some mona

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May 2018, Tuesday
Istanbul Workshop on Transnational Dimensions of Nonstate Armed Groups

Round Table “​Nonstate Armed Groups and State-of-the-Knowledge in IR” ...

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March 2018, Thursday
China’s Economic Transformation and Its Implications for Türkiye

The Chinese economy has been going through a remarkable process of structural transformation in the aftermath of the global financial crisis...

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March 2018, Monday
Location: CASE 127
Strengthening Organisations through International Development Cooperation: A Design-Focused Case Study of the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)

International development cooperation projects is a form of development assistance. Their teleology includes strengthening organisations as well as supporting the accomplishment of the recipient-partner’s mission. Project preparation eventuates not only in a project, but in an

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December 2017, Monday
Türkiye in the New Middle East: The (Kurdish) State Question

Küreselleşme, Barış ve Demokratik Yönetişim Araştırma Merkezi (GLODEM) ve KU Asya Çalışmaları Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi (KUASIA) 8 Kasım 2017 tarihinde Çin ve Uluslararası İlişkilerin geleceği konulu bir panel düzenledi.

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November 2017, Tuesday
Location: Kurucular Salonu (Rumelifeneri Kampüsü)
Panel: Çin ve Uluslararası İlişkilerin Geleceği


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November 2017, Wednesday
From perception to reality: The role of motivated cognition in organizational network change

Social networks can be considered cognitions in the minds of each perceiver or mutually recognized patterns of interaction...

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November 2017, Thursday
Location: CASE 127