Surveillance Technologies in Migration Management/Border Security

GLODEM AI & CSS Seminar Series

GLODEM proudly presents the 2nd seminar of Spring 2022 AI & CSS Seminar Series with Dr. Emre Eren Korkmaz’s talk on April 28th.

GLODEM AI & CSS Seminar Series brings together practitioners working on AI usage in various fields and scholars specializing in computational social sciences. The seminar series is moderated by MA-CSSL, which is an interdisciplinary research laboratory at Koç University, established with the purpose of conducting cutting-edge research on the applications of computational methods to social science questions.

Date: 28 April 2022- Thursday

Time: 14:30- 16:00

Speaker: Dr. Emre Eren Korkmaz, Departmental Lecturer in Migration and Development, University of Oxford

Moderator: Merih Angin, Koç University

Zoom registration link: (advance registration required)


Title:Surveillance Technologies in Migration Management/Border Security

Abstract: Surveillance capitalism has recently emerged as a key concept in interpretations of global technology companies’ business models as seen in Zuboff’s (2019) study analysing the transition of some Silicon Valley companies into global monopolies within just a few decades. In this paper, I argue that this business model has turned into a structural element of modern-day capitalism with implications for migration and border management. Through an analysis of the technological tools being developed and used for migration and border management, the article will help to understand the power dynamics underlying surveillance capitalism.

Short Speaker Bio:

Dr. Emre Eren Korkmaz is a Departmental Lecturer in Migration and Development at the ODID, where he teaches on the MSc in Migration Studies. From October 2016 to September 2018, he was a British Academy Newton International Fellow/postdoctoral researcher at ODID. He was also a junior research fellow at St Edmund Hall (2017-20) and a Research Associate at the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs of the Department of Politics and International Relations (2018-20). Dr Korkmaz was awarded his PhD by Istanbul University’s International Relations PhD Programme in June 2016. He completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Teaching and Learning in May 2020.

In recent years, he has been driven by a passion for examining the social and political impact of new digital and frontier technologies on migration. Before his current studies on “new technologies and migration”, his established track record in research covered two thematic areas: the place, visibility and status of migrants in the public sphere, and the politics of industrial relations, focusing mainly on the sustainability policies of global corporations in global supply chains on the employment of refugees.


The event will be held in English via Zoom.