Practice and Governance of AI Ethics

May 20, 2021

GLODEM AI & CSS Seminar Series

GLODEM proudly presents the fifth seminar of its AI & CSS Seminar Series, Spring 2021 with Dr. Cansu Canca’s talk on 21 May (Friday).

GLODEM AI & CSS Seminar Series brings together practitioners working on AI usage in various fields and scholars specializing in computational social sciences. The seminar series is moderated by MA-CSSL, which is an interdisciplinary research laboratory at Koç University, established with the purpose of conducting cutting-edge research on the applications of computational methods to social science questions.

Date: 21 May 2021 – Friday
18:00- 19:30 pm

Speaker: Dr. Cansu Canca, Founder + Director of AI Ethics Lab

Title: Practice and Governance of AI Ethics

Abstract: AI ethics is increasingly getting attention and gaining importance in academia, industry, and government. Over the last 5 years, more than 100 sets of AI ethics principles have been released around the world. Leading academic institutions open positions that integrate AI ethics into their faculties and areas of research. And “chief ethics officer” is now a position that exists in various tech companies. Still, there does not exist a standard structure for the practice and governance of AI ethics.

In this talk, Dr. Canca will explain the scope and focus of AI ethics as a discipline and how its concerns materialize within the innovation cycle. She will introduce a model to integrate AI ethics into the innovation process and into the organizational structure. And finally, she will touch upon the bidirectional relationship between AI ethics and AI policies.

Bio: Cansu Canca is a philosopher and the founder+director of the AI Ethics Lab, where she leads teams of computer scientists, philosophers, and legal scholars to provide ethics analysis and guidance to researchers and practitioners. She also serves as an ethics expert in various ethics, advisory, and editorial boards. She has a Ph.D. in philosophy specializing in applied ethics. She primarily works on ethics of technology, having previously worked on ethics and health. Prior to the AI Ethics Lab, she was a lecturer at the University of Hong Kong, and a researcher at the Harvard Law School, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, National University of Singapore, Osaka University, and the World Health Organization. She was listed among the “30 Influential Women Advancing AI in Boston” and the “100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics”. She is also the first technology and AI ethicist in Türkiye.


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