Past Events
Smart Borders, Digital Identity and Big Data: How Surveillance Technologies Are Used Against Migrants

This book shows how these technologies reproduce structural inequalities and discriminative policies. Korkmaz reveals the way in which they grant extensive powers to states and big tech corporations to control communities.

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March 2024, Wednesday
Location: Zoom Time: 14:30
Between Forbearance and Audacity

When international courts are given sweeping powers, why would they ever refuse to use them? The book explains how and when courts employ strategies for institutional survival and resilience: forbearance and audacity, which help them adjust their sovereignty costs to pre-empt a

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December 2023, Wednesday
Location: CASE 127 & Zoom Time: 17:00
The Politics of the Welfare State in Turkey

In The Politics of the Welfare State in Turkey, author Erdem Yörük provides a politics-based explanation for the post-1980 transformation of the Turkish welfare system, in which poor relief policies have replaced employment-based social security.

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May 2023, Thursday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 17:30
Yearbook for the History of Global Development

The Yearbook for the History of Global Development is a serial publication dedicated to the study of past developmental theories, policies, and practices, including those with a direct bearing on contemporary challenges in international development.

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January 2023, Wednesday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 17:30
Global Production, National Institutions, and Skill Formation

This book examines the skill systems in Mexico and Turkey, with a focus on auto parts producers, and the implications of these systems for these countries' development. It adopts a multi-layered understanding of the term 'skill system', which comprises firm-level hiring and tra

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December 2022, Monday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 15:30
Data Science for Migration and Mobility

Migration is a complex phenomenon with multi-dimensional factors. With ever-expanding data storage and processing capabilities, new data sources (such as social media, mobile call data records, and satellite imaging) are becoming available to study migration from both qualitati

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November 2022, Wednesday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 14:00
Negotiating Internet Governance

This book provides an incisive analysis of the emergence and evolution of global Internet governance, revealing its mechanisms, key actors and dominant community practices. Based on extensive empirical analysis covering more than four decades, it presents the evolution of Inter

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April 2022, Thursday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 17:30
Certifying China: The Rise and Limits of Transnational Sustainability Governance in Emerging Economies

When widely used, eco-certification has the potential to effectively reduce sustainability impacts of global commodity chains. While this mode of transnational governance has quickly thrived in the markets of developed countries, its ultimate contribution to the achievement of

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March 2022, Friday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 13:00