GLODEM expanded its areas of expertise to include peace and conflict resolution in late 2013.

Peace and conflict resolution is an especially apt expertise given current global contexts in which many regions lack either reconciliation or stable peace. These contexts include ongoing civil wars, insurgencies, and other forms of violence – or ongoing rivalries that may break into violence again – on all continents. Current contexts highlight pressing issues within this area of expertise, such as the causes and spillover of conflict, security and conflict management, post-conflict order, processes of peace negotiation and re-integration, and state building.

GLODEM members analyze global conflict and peace related trends by combining knowledge of various current-day conflicts with theoretical and practical know-how as well as quantitative and qualitative methodological skills. GLODEM members’ specializations within this expertise are included below along with examples of their current work.

GLODEM Specialization

GLODEM’s specializations within its Peace and Conflict Resolution area of expertise include:

  • Quality and durability of peace
  • Domestic, regional, and international security
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Political economy of peace and conflict
  • Processes of disarmament and reintegration
  • Interstate and intrastate wars
  • Terrorism

Current Member Work

Examples of specific issues GLODEM members currently address:

  • Social and psychological dimensions of conflict resolution
  • Conflict resolution within the European Union
  • Greek-Turkish relations
  • Democratization and war
  • Effects of terrorism on elections
  • Power projections in the Middle East
  • Revenge and peace