As illustrated by the underlying causes of the Arab Spring, issues of democratic governance remain an essential area of expertise. This expertise represents a primary component of GLODEM’s establishment. It remains essential in its current organizational expansion.

This particular GLODEM area of expertise incorporates multiple components. These components include the separation of power, the rule of law, accountability, transparency, and civic engagement. They also include issues related to the structural distribution of power, such as decentralization. Finally, they include the technical mechanisms of government including public affairs and administration, public policy, and regulatory processes.

GLODEM’s democratic governance and administration expertise is notable in terms of academic theoretical study. However, it is also relevant for other organizations and agencies, exemplified by the relationship between private sector operations, governance, and administration.

Democratic Governance and Administration Specializations

GLODEM’s specializations within this area of expertise are as follows:

  • Democratic institutions and institutional reform
  • Transparency and anti-corruption
  • Systems of government and administration
  • Decentralization, local governance, and civic engagement
  • Public administration and regulatory control

Examples of Current Democratic Governance and Administration Issues

Examples of GLODEM’s current Democratic Governance and Administration projects include:

  • Development or contribution to institutional
  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • International-domestic policy interactions