Opening up the black box: Mediating role of the individual level factors in understanding the onset of armed conflicts

September 5, 2019


Name:  Aynur Seidyusif- Visiting Fellow, Koç University

Title: Opening up the black box: Mediating role of the individual level factors in understanding the onset of armed conflicts

Date:  February 21, 2019 – THURSDAY

Place: CASE 127

Time: 13:00-14:30


Wars and armed conflicts have the history as deep as that of a mankind. Yet, what has changed over time is the potential magnitude of destruction that they can bring as a result of the development in technology. This makes it of utmost importance to better understand the individual level factors that can trigger open conflicts and wars. In this regard, paying a closer attention to individual psychology at the state level is gaining traction amongst scholars. The research in this area is manifold and continues to develop with new methodological advances in social and political sciences. The current lecture aims to contribute to the discussion on armed conflicts by combining the insight from broader IR literature, and leadership analysis which is borrowed from political psychology. It takes a step back from familiar debates on ethnicity, geopolitics, and other structural factors, with the aim of looking into leadership role. The objective is also to elaborate on how individual level factors can be better integrated in structural theories for comprehensive answers to emerge. A specific case study around which the current lecture is organized is the Republic of Georgia.

Bio :

Aynur studied for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Baku, being specialized in European Studies. For both degrees she was awarded Diploma with Honours. In 2008 Aynur was admitted to the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She obtained her MSc degree in Politics and Government in the EU from the LSE in 2009. After gaining an invaluable work experience at national institutions and international projects in Azerbaijan, she applied for a PhD degree in the UK. She obtained PhD from the University of Bath in UK where She conducted research on conflicts in the post-Soviet countries, with specific focus on Georgia. After returning back to Azerbaijan She worked at ADA University which is established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Aynur also worked for national/international organizations and projects that aimed at improvement of policies in Azerbaijan and strengthening the country’s institutions. She was part of the OSCE/ODIHR mission, and worked for the European Union Project at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies. Aynur taught courses during her PhD study at the University of Bath. She is also an Associate member of the Higher Education Academy, UK.