GLODEM pursues projects by means of several mechanisms. First, its members pursue individual projects. These projects are associated with GLODEM. Second, GLODEM pursues projects as an organization. Third and finally, GLODEM may be a member of projects associated with its formal or informal partners. GLODEM offers a range of skill sets lending themselves to project management, coordination, and implementation. The success of Koc University in rigorous national and international project mechanisms speaks to these skill sets. These mechanisms include TUBITAK, EU-FP7, and others associated with international organizations. GLODEM is joining its goal of increased, innovative partnership engagement with its project development in 2014. GLODEM is interested in cooperative project hosting. Currently, GLODEM members are pursuing individual research projects exemplified by the following examples.


Current Projects

Caner Bakir

  • The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TUBITAK) 2219. “Interactions among structures, institutions, and actors in the context of credit, financial stability and economic welfare: A comparative analysis of the Turkish and Mexican banking systems, 1980-2020” (USD 30,000).

Burak Gurel

  • “Tracking Chinese Investment in Türkiye under the Belt and Road Initiative Framework via Computational Social Science Methods” (SF 00131, KU Seed Fund)

Merih Angin

  • “An ML Approach to IFIs: Determinants of IMF Lending” (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions IF-RI, European Commission)
  • “IMF Decides, Machine Learns: An AI Approach to IOs”  (2232 International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers, TÜBİTAK)