Data Science for Migration and Mobility

GLODEM Book Club

GLODEM is pleased to announce the first talk of Fall 2022’s GLODEM Book Club, with Dr. Emre Eren Korkmaz on his latest book “Data Science for Migration and Mobility” (with Albert Ali Salah and Tuba Bircan).

GLODEM’s new virtual book talk series, GLODEM Book Club, features leading scholars from around the globe discussing timely issues related to globalization, political economy, peace and conflict resolution, democratic governance and administration.

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Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Time: 14:00 (GMT+3:00)

Speaker: Dr. Emre Eren Korkmaz – Departmental Lecturer in Migration and Development, University of Oxford

Moderator: Merih Angin, Koç University

Zoom registration link: (advance registration required)


Title:Data Science for Migration and Mobility

About the Book:

Migration is a complex phenomenon with multi-dimensional factors. With ever-expanding data storage and processing capabilities, new data sources (such as social media, mobile call data records, and satellite imaging) are becoming available to study migration from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. Data Science for Migration and Mobility addresses the needs of both migration scholars who stand to benefit from the analysis of these new sources but lack the computational tools, as well as data scientists who have practical and theoretical knowledge in dealing with these data sources but have no familiarity with the relevant questions of migration research. It describes the main conceptual frameworks, explains techniques of data collection and processing, provides case studies, discusses the strengths and limitations of each data source, and critically discusses the ethical, legal, and privacy-related issues specific to each data source.

About the Author: Dr. Emre Eren Korkmaz is a Departmental Lecturer in Migration and Development at the ODID, where he teaches on the MSc in Migration Studies. From October 2016 to September 2018, he was a British Academy Newton International Fellow/postdoctoral researcher at ODID. He was also a junior research fellow at St Edmund Hall (2017-20) and a Research Associate at the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs of the Department of Politics and International Relations (2018-20). Dr Korkmaz was awarded his PhD by Istanbul University’s International Relations PhD Programme in June 2016. In recent years, he has been driven by a passion for examining the social and political impact of new digital and frontier technologies on migration.


The event will be held in English via Zoom.