Globalization represents one of GLODEM’s primary areas of expertise.

Globalization is a long-established concept with an impressive array of definitions and applications, many of which followed Dicken’s 1986 Global Shift. The concept dominated International Relations in the 1990s. Specialists applied the concept to assess a range of contemporary events including the post-Cold War realignment of the international system, the expansion of European Union membership, the implementation of NAFTA followed by FTA and BIT proliferation, and the emergence of the WTO from the GATT with local and transnational civil society responses.

Given this breadth of globalization concepts and their application, GLODEM differentiates itself by means of the value-add it brings to academic research and policy recommendations relevant to domestic (Turkish), regional, and international political economy. Important to its value-add is its unique specializations within this expertise that includes Turkish economic development, especially in relationship to inward and outward investment trends; dynamics of the international financial crisis, with emphasis on implications for the European Union and emerging economies; dynamics of emerging economies and their relationship to the global economy; international trade and investment institutional norms and change; political and economic regional and multinational institutions and institutional change; new developments in South-South relationships, including market entry; relationships between domestic policies and international trade or investment dynamics; and state-business relationships.

GLODEM is expanding its work from academic research and forums to include greater input in public and foreign policy debate and analysis. This role is increasingly important given the Turkish state’s ambitious 2023 economic targets, its changing international posture exemplified by its position in the G-20, its increasing pursuit of FTAs, and its ongoing European Union negotiation. GLODEM will pursue several value-added activities in the lead-up to Türkiye’s hosting of the G-20 in 2015.

GLODEM Specializations

GLODEM has notable breadth of specialization within its Globalization area of expertise:

  • Comparative and International Political Economy (IPE)
  • Domestic, regional, and international economic policy and regulations
  • Economic integration and global finance
  • International development
  • State-Business relations

Examples of Current Globalization Issues

  • Behavior of Turkish MNCs and emerging multinationals
  • State-Business relations
  • Financial regulation and governance
  • Comparative central banking
  • Varieties of national financial systems
  • Macroeconomic bureaucracies and policies
  • Southern varieties of capitalism
  • Europeanization and Turkish-EU-US relations
  • Eurasian politics
  • Middle East politics
  • Energy politics

Examples of Current Globalization Projects

  • TÜBİTAK: Interactions with National and Global Institutional Dynamics
  • TÜBİTAK: European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Project Research Grant Outward Foreign Direct Investment of the Turkish Multinationals, 2000-2010: Motivations, Strategies and Implications