GLODEM actively engages academic public, private, and civil society institutions relevant to its areas of expertise. This engagement facilitates inter-disciplinary, inter-organizational, and inter-sectoral partnership structures. Each partnership is unique, engaging domestic and international individuals and organizations in ways that best ensure the achievement of targeted outcomes.

GLODEM partnerships are beneficial for the Center, its members, the engaged institutions, and communities related to GLODEM’s areas of expertise. These partnerships:

  • Deepen GLODEM’s expertise and increase its collective impact
  • Overcome the divide between Turkish academic, public, and private institutions
  • Situate GLODEM as a central source of information, commentary, and recommendations

GLODEM pursues both domestic and foreign partnerships.

2014 represents a transition year in terms of GLODEM’s external engagement and partnership development. Such transition enables GLODEM to achieve its objectives.