GLODEM Contributions to the Koc University Community

As a research center, GLODEM does not grant certifications or degrees. However, it actively engages Turkish undergraduate and graduate students as the next generation of Turkish leaders. GLODEM contributes to student development by means of GLODEM seminars and related events, hosting of graduate student conferences, and competitive student writing awards.

GLODEM routinely hosts events in partnership with the International Relations Department and GSSSH. These events bring leading domestic and international scholars to the Koc University campus exemplified by the GSSSH Distinguished Scholars Seminar Series. GLODEM also works in cooperation with other departments and organizations on projects related to its areas of expertise.

Please visit the Events and Partners pages for more information regarding GLODEM’s collaborative activities in the Koc University community.

The Greater Koc University Campus

GLODEM is a member of the greater Koc University community. GLODEM’s membership to this community is an invaluable resource.

Koc University, based in Istanbul, was founded in 1993 as a non-profit private university. Since its founding, it has become a leading Turkish university notable for its national contributions to higher education, research, and publication. Its research and publication record contributes to GLODEM’s experience and capacity in terms of publication capacity and research project management.

GLODEM is one of several research centers at Koc University. GLODEM benefits from these centers given the value-add each brings to the university. These centers include the Migration Research Center at Koc University (MiReKoc) specializing in border-crossing mobility research. MiReKoc affiliates have been involved in research projects associated with the British Council, the EU-FP7 Programme and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, and the German Marshall Fund. Other university centers have participated in research supported by international organizations.

GLODEM is also incorporated into campus activities and networks related to its areas of expertise. These activities include the University’s hosting of an annual conflict and peace studies conference, the Eurasian Peace Science Network Conference.