Past Events
The Politics of the Welfare State in Turkey

In The Politics of the Welfare State in Turkey, author Erdem Yörük provides a politics-based explanation for the post-1980 transformation of the Turkish welfare system, in which poor relief policies have replaced employment-based social security.

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May 2023, Thursday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 17:30
How the Digital Economy Affects Welfare States: Updating Social Rights in an Age of Precarious Employment

Social Rights are the normative foundation of welfare states in liberal democracies. Yet, the rise of the digital economy poses four fundamental challenges to the integrity of social rights. The first, and most widely discussed, is the proliferation of short-term, contract em

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May 2023, Thursday
Location: CASE 127 Time: 17:15
Making Autocracy Worse: The End of the Myth of Authoritarian Competence in Putin’s Russia


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May 2023, Tuesday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 11:00 AM
GLODEM Political Economy Graduate Workshop

The workshop is scheduled for March 3, 2023, and will cover various topics related to political economy, including development, conflict, and gender issues in the global political economy, as well as international and domestic interactions between actors and institutions.

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March 2023, Friday
Location: Case 127 Time: 10:00
Yearbook for the History of Global Development

The Yearbook for the History of Global Development is a serial publication dedicated to the study of past developmental theories, policies, and practices, including those with a direct bearing on contemporary challenges in international development.

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January 2023, Wednesday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 17:30
Global Production, National Institutions, and Skill Formation

This book examines the skill systems in Mexico and Turkey, with a focus on auto parts producers, and the implications of these systems for these countries' development. It adopts a multi-layered understanding of the term 'skill system', which comprises firm-level hiring and tra

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December 2022, Monday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 15:30
Data Science for Migration and Mobility

Migration is a complex phenomenon with multi-dimensional factors. With ever-expanding data storage and processing capabilities, new data sources (such as social media, mobile call data records, and satellite imaging) are becoming available to study migration from both qualitati

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November 2022, Wednesday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 14:00
When race meets gender

Black Lives Matter and MeToo, two social movements that went viral around the globe, have been actively supporting each other. This paper studies what kind of grievances and demands become prominent at the intersection of these movements. Building on the intersectionality theor

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May 2022, Thursday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 05:30 PM
Into the Thick of It: Mapping the Emerging Landscape of Military AI Strategic Partnerships

Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (EDTs) are reshaping military institutions and challenging traditional understandings of these actors’ tools, environment, and mission. This article explores how the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is set to drive

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May 2022, Friday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 11:30 AM
Surveillance Technologies in Migration Management/Border Security

Surveillance capitalism has recently emerged as a key concept in interpretations of global technology companies’ business models as seen in Zuboff’s (2019) study analysing the transition of some Silicon Valley companies into global monopolies within just a few decades. In this

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April 2022, Thursday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 14:30
Negotiating Internet Governance

This book provides an incisive analysis of the emergence and evolution of global Internet governance, revealing its mechanisms, key actors and dominant community practices. Based on extensive empirical analysis covering more than four decades, it presents the evolution of Inter

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April 2022, Thursday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 17:30
Data Science for SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Frontier technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and

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March 2022, Thursday
Location: Zoom Webinar Time: 17:30