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GLODEM Publications and Blogs

The GLODEM Center is launching two in-house working paper series: GLODEM Policy Briefs and GLODEM Comments.

GLODEM Policy Briefs

With an average quarterly release per year, GLODEM in Brief is a series of short policy pieces highlighting the Center's expertise. This series includes topics regarding public policy needs identification, analysis, and/or recommendations. Some of these pieces are original to GLODEM and others are highlights of work completed by GLODEM members, partners, and other invited experts.

GLODEM Comments

Also with an average quarterly release per year, GLODEM Comments is a series of short commentary pieces highlighting the Center's analysis of current events and other issues related to GLODEM's areas of expertise. GLODEM makes these series available to the public. GLODEM also co-releases some of these pieces with its academic, public, private, and civil society partners.

GLODEM's past publications include the four-part 2010 working paper series (WPS):

Working Paper Title Author
GLODEM WPS 01/2010 The Global Economic Crisis and the Future of Neoliberal Globalization: Rupture versus Continuity Ziya Onis and Evren Tok
GLODEM WPS 02/2010 The Feasibility of IFI-Led Institutional Reform: Four Turkish Experiments Compared Ali Burak Guven
GLODEM WPS 03/2010 Rethinking G-20 as a New Global Actor: Paradoxes, Problems, and Prospects Evren Tok
GLODEM WPS 04/2010 Multiple Faces of the 'New' Turkish Foreign Policy: Underlying Dynamics and a Critique Ziya Onis

The new series' official launch is scheduled for March and April of 2014. Watch this space for the first editions.

GLODEM Policy Briefs and GLODEM Comments are both products of the GLODEM Center. Any references to specific content within the series’ issues should be appropriately cited. All expressed views are solely those of the authors.