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Michael Barzelay Seminar


Name: Michael Barzelay, London School of Economics

Title: Strengthening Organisations through International Development Cooperation: A Design-Focused Case Study of the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)

Date:  December 11, 2017 – Monday

Place: CASE 127

Time: 16:00-17:30

Abstract: International development cooperation projects is a form of development assistance.  Their teleology includes strengthening organisations as well as supporting the accomplishment of the recipient-partner’s mission.  Project preparation eventuates not only in a project, but in an organisational union among actors and entities on the donor- and recipient-partner sides.  Donor-partners often face a challenging issue that relates to the thematic issue of sustainability: how to ensure that recipient-partner organisations accomplish their mission, while ensuring that they become stronger as organisations.  The case study not clarifies this issue through case illustration, but also examines a “solution" to it that proved functional and viable during the project operation phase.  Implications for professional practice in preparing and operating international development cooperations projects are explored. 

Short bio: Michael Barzelay is Professor of Public Management at London School of Economics, based in the Department of Management.  He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s Research Institute.  Professor Barzelay is author of a number of books and articles about public management, the episodes in public management policy-making, and case study research.  He has served a Co-Editor of Governance and Associate Editor of the International Public Management Journal, and he is  currently on the editorial boards of two recently established journals, Policy Design and Practice and Perspectives on Public Management and Governance.  He has consulted with many governmental and international public organisations, primarily US based, over the past thirty years.