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GLODEM Center of Koc University

Welcome to the Center for Research on Globalization, Peace, and Democratic Governance (GLODEM). GLODEM is an academic and policy-oriented research center based at Koc University, Istanbul.

The purpose of GLODEM is to analyze specific dynamics of domestic and international economic and political interactions relevant to its three areas of expertise: globalization and political economy; peace and conflict resolution; and democratic governance. These dynamics include international trade and investment; new and ongoing conflicts; and evolving contexts of governance in established, emerging, and eroding democracies.

GLODEM engages academia, public agencies, private entities, and civil society organizations relevant to its areas of expertise. This engagement enables GLODEM to support meaningful, relevant research and analysis. This engagement also positions GLODEM as a central source of information and recommendations.


GLODEM Center Logo Competition for Koc University Students: Winner Announced

GLODEM has selected the winner of the GLODEM Center Logo Competition. We would like to thank all of the Koc University student applicants for their creative designs. GLODEM selected Beyza Yumus as the winner. We congratulate Beyza and will be adding the winning design to the webpage shortly.

Istanbul, Turkey Hosts the World Economic Forum on Europe, MENA, and Eurasia 2014

Istanbul, Turkey will be the site of the September 2014  WEF on Europe, MENA, and Eurasia. Follow the lead-up to the Forum on the WEF website.

Upcoming Events

Center for Conflict Studies April 2014 Eurasian Peace Science Conference

The Koc University Center for Conflict Studies, with the European Network for Conflict Research (ENCoRe) and GLODEM Center,  will host the 5th annual Eurasian Peace Science Conference (EPSC) in Istanbul, Turkey between April 24th and 27th. For more information, please visit the Center for Conflict Studies.



GLODEM will maintain blogs relevant to its areas of expertise. These blogs will serve as an informal forum in which GLODEM members may engage pressing issues related to globalization, peace, and democratic governance. These blogs will offer new analysis on current issues relevant to communities following the Center.

Watch for the first GLODEM blogs.